5 Reasons to Go Camping




5 reasons to go camping

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Reasons to Go Camping
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If you’re thinking about a holiday next year and wondering if you can afford it, have you thought about camping? We’d like to give you 5 reasons to go camping this year.

If your first reaction is ‘What possible reasons are there to go camping?’ ‘ You’ll never get me in a tent!’ then read on, we might not persuade you straight off but maybe we’ll pique your interest enough that you may consider it.

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5 Reasons To Go Camping

Reason 1 – Cost

Without a doubt it will still cost you money to go camping, if you’re using a certified campsite it will cost you for your pitch and these sites may have facilities that you need to pay for but it won’t be as much as a holiday in a hotel and you will have the basic amenities like toilets and showers. You will have to invest in a tent although there are holidays that you can go on which offer glamping, all your home facilities in a tent provided, but you don’t have to buy a new tent, there are many people who are offering tents for sale second hand and you can use it time and again. You can buy simple to put up one room tents to larger options which have bedrooms, you can choose your own preference. You will need some simple tools for setup and maybe lamps and torches for when it’s dark. You will need sleeping bags and maybe extra blankets for warmth at night and you might benefit from foam yoga mats to give a little softness for lying on. Folding chairs and tables are useful, food and utensils and a camping stove for a hot meal. Most of this equipment can be picked up cheaply and used often making further camping trips even cheaper.

Reason 2 – Family bonding

There are too many holidays where you can send your kids off to onsite entertainment and you don’t see them again until they need feeding. This is a great way for you to spend time with your family doing things together, most campsites are near places of interest where you can walk to, you’re next to nature so there are many things to see and talk about. If you have a camera phone or your children then why not get them to take nature photos so you can investigate together what’s around you. You can also cook together, simple meals while camping that they’ll love to eat. You can take simple games to play, frisbee, bat and balls, footballs. No computers needed just plenty of fresh air and burning up energy.

Reason 3 – Sync with nature and sleep better

You will find that when you are camping it gets very dark as there is much less artificial light. With no tv to fill in the evening hours it’s time to remember your boy scout days and tell stories around the camp fire if you have a safe place to build one. As the sun goes down so does the heat and the best way to keep warm is to snuggle up into your sleeping bag and sleep away the night time hours as our ancestors did. Your body is a clever thing as it is designed to sleep with the disappearance of sunlight and wake up naturally at sunrise and in a tent you have more option to allow your body to follow it’s natural inclinations and you should find you’re sleeping better, you’re also naturally grounded sleeping on the ground and that helps deep restful sleep too.

Reason 4 – Take advantage of fresh air activities

Depending on where you stay there might be open air activities that the kids can be part of like forest schools where they can learn about nature, teach them how to make a den with deadwood off the forest floor. If creepy crawlies don’t give you the judders then bring along a bug jar and a book so your children can find out about the bugs around you. Whenever you go away anywhere you can find different birds and the same as the bugs you can go birdwatching with your children, if you have binoculars you can get a close up view, but they’re not necessary. You can check for any other type of wildlife that are in the area, if you’re quiet you might see a deer or a beautiful butterfly. You can really learn about nature if you can get your children out there and they learn so much when they are doing something that they are enjoying.

Reason 5 – Cooking simply in the open air

If you’re campsite allows you can have an open fire and cook on there, but if that seems a bit much you can invest in a portable gas stove like the Coleman Classic Propane Stove which fold flat for transport and have side panels to protect the flame from the wind. You can also make use of both, wrapping potatoes in foil after piercing the skin and placing in the embers of your open fire for about an hour can give you an easy meal, just turn the potatoes occasionally. You can just add some butter and cheese or heat up some beans on your stove. If you take a couple of pans and have the 2 gas rings on the Coleman stove you can keep yourselves well fed while you’re camping without going too native.


If you’re getting fed up of the busyness of life and want to spend some time getting back to basics with nature and bringing your kids along to learn the pleasure of it then what other reasons to go camping do you need.

Getting out in the open away from computers and television is good for your bodies and helps you to unwind and relax. One other great thing is you don’t need lots of nice clothes as you’ll probably get dusty and dirty, one less thing to worry about and don’t forget your wellies just incase it rains and gets a bit muddy. Bring your stove and some food and you won’t need to worry about expensive restaurants either.

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