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professional single burner
Cadco PCR-1S Professional Cast Iron Range, Stainless

Looking for a professional single burner? Check our review on the Cadco PCR-1S Professional Cast Iron Range, Stainless, we’ll be checking what’s good about this countertop burner, what customers particularly like about it and anything that they might not like.

If you’re looking for a burner that can hold a large pot this can handle up to 12 quart pots and a few people have bought this to handle canners.

If you think this might be too expensive and are preferring a cheaper option check out our review on the Cusimax 1500W Electric Countertop Burner to see if this might work for you.

Check out the Cadco PCR-1S Professional Cast Iron Range, Stainless if you’re looking for a professional grade item

Cadco Single Burner Electric Countertop Burner Review

Features of the Cadco PCR-1S Professional

  • 7 1/8″ diameter heavy-duty cast iron element
  • Solid element surface delivers heat evenly to pot or pan
  • Handles up to 12-quart pots
  • Infinite heat control keeps food simmering or boiling
  • 120 volts-1500 watts

The Cadco PCR-1S Professional Cast Iron Range is a single cast iron burner, which is housed in a stainless steel base. The unit is 14 x 12 x 3 inches so doesn’t take up much space on your countertop if you are using this as an extra burner in the kitchen, it also doesn’t take up much space if you don’t have a kitchen and need some cooking options. It also isn’t too large to be able to take with you if you are travelling in a camper and need a cooker.

The cast iron plate is 7.12 inches in diameter and can heat up evenly which makes it a useful spare countertop burner to have in your home. There are simple controls to operate this hotplate, the heater knob is numbered from 1-12 so it’s easy to set a more accurate heat level and there is a red light on the unit so you know that it is switched on. It has a 5 foot cord attached to the back which gives a little more flexibility in where you can place it, and it is plugged into your normal kitchen outlet. This unit is powered with 1500 watts of power, this is more than enough to heat your food but is not as powerful as your standard electric cooker.

Many people wonder if you need any special kind of cookware for this burner but it works with all types including cast iron skillets, so you don’t have to buy new if you already have pans. This Cadco hot plate is sturdy enough that it can hold a pot up to 12 quarts. The problem with cheaper units is that they are meant for a small pan or frying pan to be used while camping or as an extra, they really aren’t constructed for heavy-duty use. This burner has been designed for professional use which is usually much more than the normal home does so it has been made solid with this in mind.

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A lot of people have been buying this burner for use with a canner. Although this Cadco PCR-1S burner is advertised for pots up to 12 quarts, people are managing to use a 23 quart canner successfully on this burner. The main issue for canning is a burner plate that is strong enough to hold the weight of the full unit, has enough space above it as the canner is high and there is a need to be able to adjust the temperature enough to keep the pressure steady through the process.

Heating a large pot of water on a single burner isn’t going to be quick but if you start off with boiling water if you are using a large canner can make the process quicker.

That’s not to say that this is all you can use this Cadco for, it’s not too big that you can’t carry it around and take it on holiday with you. If you want something that you can use if you are doing any kind of entertaining and need to be able to keep some food warm for a long period of time this would be small enough to go on a table and not take up too much room but powerful enough to do the job. If you just need something that you can buy for your kids going into college rooms so that they can be able to heat something up for a cheap hot meal then this would be small enough and easy enough for that situation.

This is a professional type of product and so you will pay extra for it, you have to decide if it is worth paying more money when you can definitely buy a cheaper countertop burner. If you’re looking for something that can deal with a heavier load and want to protect you’re glass top stoves at home this might be worth it for you.

Customer Opinion

Most of the customers for this product have bought it to use for canning, they have found it to work great when taking a heavier pot and they have found it easy to adjust to keep the steady pressure required. Some people have bought it as a burner for their studio apartments and have found it to work well and to be made to a high quality. Customers have found that it heats up quickly and can get to high heat.

Negatives found on this unit are the control dial is too easy to move and can easily be adjusted accidentally. Some people found that it blew the fuse in the house too easily. Some people found it wouldn’t heat what they were cooking to a sufficient heat.


This isn’t the cheapest hotplate on the market, but it is made with professionals in mind so is sturdy and can withstand a lot of use. It can be used in many situations that need a burner and if you don’t mind paying a little extra for a higher quality unit then try this Cadco PCR-1S Professional Cast Iron Range, Stainless and you won’t be disappointed.

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