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small jar of jamIf you’re into gardening and like to preserve the fruits of your labour then canning is usually the way to go so that you can benefit from eating your own produce well out of season. You will have an initial investment of equipment including, if you require it, a hotplate like the Cadco hot plate PCR-1S to cook with.

With canning you get the chance to preserve your food in it’s original state and if you grow your own organically it’s much cheaper than buying it and you know what has and hasn’t been used to grow it. Check out our full review of the Cadco Hot Plate here.

Find out more about the Cadco PCR-1S Professional Cast Iron Range if you need a portable hot plate for your canning.

Cadco PCR-1S Professional Cast Iron Range Overview

Cadco PCR-1S Professional Cast Iron Range The Cadco hot plate is a single electric burner which is 14 x 12 x 3 inches in size which won’t take up too much room on your worktop or in the cupboard if you only want to use it occasionally. It has a cast iron plate built into a stainless steel base.

It’s simple to control with one control knob on the front of the unit which has 12 settings marked which makes it easy to select the levels you want every time.

This just plugs into your standard kitchen outlet and it doesn’t need any special type of cookware as it works with most pans. This cooker can be used anywhere you need it, use it as an extra burner or take it on holiday to use in a camper or hotel. This is a 1500W hot plate so you can boil water on it as well as other types of cooking.

Why use the Cadco hot plate for canning.

The reason many people look at a hot plate like the Cadco PCR-1S Professional Cast Iron Range is the fact that whether using a water bath canner or a pressure canner when it’s fully loaded it is heavy. In most kitchens people are choosing glass topped hobs or induction hobs so there is always the worry that the top won’t withstand the weight. The last thing you need is to replace the glass top on your cooker.

There is also the problem that it is a large pan which takes time to heat up and cool down and if you need all of the burners to cook meals you won’t want to be moving your canner around. A portable hotplate can be set up anywhere you have an outlet and you can set it up out of the way of your main prep area as long as you can monitor it while it’s cooking.

What about the weight on a hotplate?

You are obviously going to have some of the same issues with a portable countertop burner as you do with your cooker in that you won’t want to have something with a glass top. You need something that is level, secure on the worktop and sturdy so it can withstand the weight of a full pan. You have a choice of gas or electric heating options but today we’re looking at electric hotplates.

It’s worth checking with the supplier to see if they can give you a weight limit for a specific burner. The Cadco hot plate is built for professional use so built to be knocked around. It says it can handle pots up to 12 quarts although if you check the customer reviews on you will see that people are using their All American 21-1/2-Quart Pressure Cooker Canner on it with no issue.

Is the wattage important?

You need the highest wattage that you can find in an electric burner, but you will find that the highest which isn’t a glass top or induction is 1500W. The biggest problem for most people is getting a hotplate that can bring the water to a rolling boil or to bring the pressure canner up to pressure. The main hotplates most people choose are the Cadco PCR-1S Professional Cast Iron Range or the Broil King PCR-1B Professional Cast Iron Range which both offer 1500W power and a cast iron plate.

What about the size of the cooking surface?

On investigation, it is recommended that the ring that you cook on should be no less than 4 inches in diameter to the canner on top of it. That gives you an overhang of 2 inches all around.The Cadco hot plate has a plate size of 7.12 inches and the Broil King has the same.

Is it suitable for water baths and pressure canners?

Most people are finding that they can use this quite happily for canning both using a water bath and a pressure canner. It can take a bit of time to come to the boil but it gets there, it can also manage to keep a steady pressure on the pressure canner but you do have to keep a check on it. One of the problems with canning is the amount of heat it can generate from the base of the pan and people worry about damage to the worktops. The Cadco hot plate has got raised feet and doesn’t seem to have a problem when it’s been used on laminate worktops with canners although you can use something heat protective underneath if you’re worried about it.

Can it be used outdoors?

If you have an outlet to use the Cadco outside then you can use it no problem. One of the benefits of that is that you can create a lower cooking point on a small table or on the ground as long as it’s level which might be easier to lift a heavy pan on and off.


The Cadco hot plate is a professional burner built for lots of use so you need to expect that you will pay a bit more for it than the normal countertop burners that you might buy. It’s not an excessive cost and if it works for you it will pay for itself over time. Read some customer reviews on on how other people have managed with the Cadco when canning. If you’re looking for good prices and special offers it’s always worth checking

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