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Cusimax hot plateThere are times in the year when you just need some extra cooking facilities. It could be and extra hot plate in the kitchen when you’re cooking for a few people or it could be that you need a hotplate for outside in addition to the bbq. Buying a Cusimax hot plate is something that you won’t regret, the biggest problem will be choosing which one suits you best.

We’ll be giving you a taster of each one with the main features.

If you’re just looking for a basic low cost option check out the Cusimax 1500W CMHP-B101.

Choose a Cusimax hot plate


Cusimax CMHP-B101The Cusimax CMHP-B101 is a single cast iron burner which is small at only 13.6 x 10.3 x 4.1 inches, easily fitting on a worktop beside you installed cooker as an extra burner or because it plugs into a normal electrical socket you can use it in any place that has a socket nearby.

It’s black with stainless steel accents which looks very classy. The cast iron plate has a diameter of 7.4 inches so it works most efficiently if you keep your pan bases around 7 inches but you have no limit to the type of cookware that you use so anything that you have at home will work.

The CMHP-B101 has 2 control buttons on the front, an on/off button and one with the heat settings for your hotplate, you have a choice of 7 settings and a max setting which you can use to boil water. There is an indicator light so that you know it’s heating as it automatically manages the temperature by cycling on and off. It has a thermal fuse to stop it from overheating and it comes with a metre long cable and rubber feet to give you another couple of safety aspects.

It’s easy to keep clean as you just have to wipe with a damp cloth once you have unplugged it and it has cooled down. It’s small enough that you could store it in a drawer or a cupboard so it’s always available when you need it. Read our full review here.

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CMIP-B120The Cusimax CMIP-B120 is a portable infrared cooktop with a ceramic cooking surface. In looks it is very similar to the CMHP-B101 except it is totally black with just a stainless steel circle around the hotplate.

It is around the same size as above at 13 x 10.8 x 4 inches so it gives the same benefits in not taking up a lot of space wherever you use it. This is a 1200W hotplate which works in a normal electrical outlet. The cooking area has a diameter of 7.1 inches so pans with a base of 7 inches are more efficient to cook with although all sizes will work. You don’t have to have any specific type of pans so anything in the cupboard will work.

The ceramic top gives good conduction of the infrared energy used to heat it up. Far infrared has no electromagnetic radiation and is not harmful in any way to the body but it can reach high temperatures quickly.

There is only 1 control knob on the front of the unit and an indicator light so you know when it’s heating up. There are 7 levels that you can choose when heating and a max level for boiling.

Like any ceramic cooktop you can wipe it clean when it’s cool but there is residual heat for around 10-15 minutes when it’s been turned off so you need to be careful after cooking.

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CMIP-C120The Cusimax CMIP-C120 is another electric countertop burner with an infrared ceramic cooking surface.It is a 1200W that can plug into a normal outlet.

This hotplate looks a little bit different as it has a full stainless steel surface with a black base, the control knob is on the top of the cooker and it’s easy to see the ceramic cooking surface which is 7.1 inches in diameter.

If you like stainless steel appliances then this might fit in with your kitchen style. With a size of 13 x 11 x 3.9 inches it is a similar size to the 2 burners above.

It uses the same efficient infrared technology to heat up your cooking and works with any type of cookware although if you use bigger than the size of the plate it won’t heat up the whole base of the pan evenly so you will need to stir it more.

It is very portable, small enough to take away with you on holiday to use in an RV or a hotel room or just keep it as a spare hotplate when needed.

The control button isn’t as well marked and only gives you min, max and off although you do still have an indicator button to see when it is heating up. It is easily cleaned but care needs to be taken when it’s turned off as it takes a little time to cool sufficiently to touch.

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CMHP-C150The Cusimax CMHP-C150 is very similar in style to the countertop burner above the CMIP-C120. It is similar size at 12.9 x 4.7 x 14.9 inches but the difference in this burner is that it is 1500W power and the cooking surface is a cast iron plate.

The plate is 7.4 inches in diameter and you can use any type of pans on this surface. Many people like a cast iron burner because they feel it is more durable and less likely to break when you’re moving it around.

This has a stainless steel housing which makes it look very stylish and the control knob is on the top with the indicator light.

The controls are marked with 11 settings although only the odd numbers are marked. This does make it easier to know where to switch it for different foods and to replicate that easily every time. It has a thermal fuse to protect your unit from overheating and it will control the chosen heat level by turning on and off to keep the heat constant.

As with most electric burners you need to be careful after cooking until the hotplate has cooled enough to touch, but it’s easy to keep clean with a wipe of a damp cloth.

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CMIC-S1800The Cusimax CMIC-S1800 is an induction cooktop which is 1800W. This is the most expensive of the single countertop burners but it does have it’s own good points.

It is 13.4 x 10.6 x 2.4 inches keeping in line with the others in size although it is only 2.4 inches in height. The cooking area is slightly bigger at 8.7 inches in diameter so it can handle pans with a bit bigger base.

Being an induction cooktop there is a requirement that you can only cook with magnetic based pans. This is easy to check with a simple fridge magnet, if it sticks to your pan it will work on an induction cooker.

The hotplate doesn’t work until a pan is placed upon it but it doesn’t heat up the plate itself, it is electromagnetic and reacts with the magnetic base of the pan, the vibration heats up the pan itself keeping the area around the top of the cooktop cool to the touch.

You can choose from 8 power levels and 8 temperature levels. There are also 6 adjustable cooking choices Low, Med, High, Deep Fry, Warm, Sear giving you the ultimate control.

The button controls are on the front of the burner and are very responsive. It’s much quicker for the top to cool down as it only gets hot from heat transfer from the pan. Be careful though, once you try an induction cooktop you might not want to go back.

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With any of these countertop burners you get portability and ease of use. Whether you want a Cusimax hot plate to travel with or use at home you will be ok as long as you have electricity. All of them except the induction cooktop can work with any pans but if your normal pans are magnetic based then they will work with the induction cooktop as well. Our favourite is the Cusimax 1500W CMHP-B101, we like the look of it and we like the price and you can use any cookware with it.

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