Cuisinart CB-30 vs Waring SB30




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Cuisinart CB-30 vs Waring SB30
Cuisinart CB-30

If you’re looking for a simple cast iron single burner to buy whether you are needing it for a spare burner to help out in your kitchen or whether you want a burner that you can take away with you on holiday or to buy for a member of your family if they are staying in rooms at college without any cooking facilities you may have looked at a few different options.

Today we will be reviewing the Cuisinart CB-30 vs Waring SB30 to see what these 2 single burners can offer and whether they would be suitable for all situations.

Cuisinart CB-30 Overview

If you have read a Cuisinart CB-30 cast-iron single burner review you will know that this is a simple compact electric burner which has a heavy-duty cast iron plate to give it durability. The plate is 7.5 inches in diameter which can manage any cookware with a base size of around 7.5 inches or less. I would say that this burner is in the mid price range for a small single burner.

The power of this burner is 1300 watts which helps it to heat up the plate quickly and to keep up the heat throughout the cooking time. All of the technical information required is included in the Cuisinart CB-30 manual included. The cooker is controlled via a control knob on the front of the unit which has 6 settings so you can adjust the heat to suit what you are cooking, it’s quite capable of keeping a low heat if you want to simmer something or throw out enough heat for boiling. You need to be careful as the cooker gets very hot to touch.

There are 2 indicator lights on the front of this Cuisinart CB-30, one lights up as a safety feature so you know that you have the hotplate switched on and one light is so that you know that it has reached the correct temperature that you have selected and it will switch on and off as it keeps the hotplate at the correct temperature. Another safety feature is the non-slip rubber feet to help keep the cooker steady and not move around while you use it.

This countertop burner is very easy to keep clean, because it has a sealed cast iron plate it can be wiped clean as soon as the unit cools down as well as the rest of the cooker which is stainless-steel. You will also find it very easy to store as it is small enough to fit into a drawer until you need it. This would work great for an extra burner in the kitchen or as a cooking option for students although there is a Cuisinart CB-60 cast-iron double burner, stainless steel if they feel they need 2 hotplates for more cooking options.

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Waring SB30 Overview

Cuisinart CB-30 vs Waring SB30
Waring SB30

The Waring SB30 is very similar to the Cuisinart CB-30 in looks and function. This is a single electric burner, it’s 10.75 inches by 11.5 inches and it’s 4 inches high. The Waring is a counter top burner which is perfect for convenience and is an efficient cooking appliance.

This is a 1300 watt burner which gives enough heat to be able to boil water. The burner has a brushed stainless-steel housing and a 7 inch cast-iron hot plate which can heat up rapidly and then retain the heat steadily till the cooking is done.

This Waring single burner is a reasonable size that doesn’t take up too much space on the worktop and plugs into a normal electrical socket. It is best used with pans that aren’t bigger than the hotplate so that you get heat on the full base of the pan although you don’t need any special cookware like you would on an induction burner. This burner comes in at a higher price range because of the professional quality.

The burner has a thermostatic control knob on the front so that you can select easily the heat that you need and control it precisely, it also has 2 indicator lights on the front, one so that you can see if the hotplate is plugged in at a glance for safety and the other so you can see when the plate is heating up and when it switches itself off to regulate the heat.

This burner is suitable for all situations including professional cooking displays as it doesn’t have too large a footprint, it has non-slip rubber feet to stop it moving around making it safe to work with and it’s easy to carry around, you don’t want anything overcomplicated when you’re travelling around. There is also a commercial version which is a bit cheaper

This Waring SB30 is easy to keep clean, just run a damp cloth over the plate and the casing when cool and you’ll always have a great looking item that you can store away until you need it if you’re using it as a spare or leave it on the countertop for everyday use.

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Cuisinart CB-30 vs Waring SB30

Just to look at these 2 single hotplates are very similar, the controls are the same the cast iron plate on the Cuisinart is 7.5 inches and the Waring is 7 inches. The sizes are more or less the same and they both offer the same 1300 wattage. They are both quite solidly built and can be used at any location that has an electrical supply. The Waring is called a pro so whether it is more solidly built or built to a different standard is hard to tell even from the manuals, but the main difference is the price, the Cuisinart CB-30 price is a lot lower than the Waring SB30 price.


Both of these countertop burners have good ratings on and it’s hard to tell the difference between them so my recommendation is the Cuisinart CB-30 as I think it can offer all that you need in a single burner for a lot less price

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