What to Look for in a Countertop Burner




What to look for in a countertop burner

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There could be lots of different reasons why you have decided that you want to buy a countertop burner, although the reason could influence the type or size of burner that would suit your situation.

There are different types of burners that you could go for depending on what your facilities are. If you have no electricity where you are you can pick up a gas burner and if you have electric then you have much more choice. A good choice is the Secura 9100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner, Black which is compact and easy to use.


As in most types of kitchen equipment, countertop burners come in all shapes and sizes and range of prices. It’s worth knowing your budget before you start, there are some very cheap types of burner out there, a basic ring type of electric burner can come in at $12 right up to over $100 for an induction type burner.

If you need a double burner rather than a single then you’re looking at more money. If you’re going for an induction burner you may have the added expense of suitable cookware if the pans you have don’t have a magnetic base so you’ll have to take this into consideration.


There are 3 types of countertop burners that you can choose from, the gas type burner, electric burner, and the induction type of burner.

Gas burners

The gas burners come in single or double size and they usually run on butane or propane gas which can be purchased from hardware shops or at Amazon.com. Although they are gas, they are safe to use and work much like your home gas cooker.

Some have to be lit with a lighter and some come with automatic ignition. Most gas burners are designed to keep the pressure steady so you have a steady flame to cook on. The gas canisters are very easy to install and can last for about an hour.

Electric burners

The standard electric burner comes in 2 types, the ring plate and the solid cast iron plate. They are pretty easy to use and they plug into the standard electrical outlet. If you get a ring type of burner it is a metal coiled ring that heats up. Your pans sit on the top and it is controlled by a control button to adjust the heat.

The one thing about ring burners is that they sit above a drip tray so they are a little harder to keep clean over the sealed cast iron plate type of burner. These burners can be wiped clean when they have cooled down and the solid burner gives a good level base for pans. The main problem with electric burners is the fact that they take some time to cool down before you can handle them.

Induction burners

The last type is the induction burner which is powered by electricity and can be plugged into a normal outlet. Although powered by electricity that isn’t what heats up your food, the inductions create an electromagnetic charge that reacts with the magnetic-based pans and the vibration caused heats up the pan itself.

These units are a little more expensive but they are easy to clean and cool down quickly as they only get hot from the residual heat from the pan. These burners are safe to use as they stay cool around the edges. The downside it you may have to buy different pans if the ones you own don’t work.

Where to use.

The areas where you might use a countertop burner are many, any of these types of burners would make a great extra burner in the kitchen, if you’re looking for another cooking spot when you are cooking your celebration meals or entertaining then you could use any of these types.

Gas burners tend to be used in situations where there is no electricity, like when you go camping or any time you might want to cook outside.

If you are having work done to your kitchen and you’re looking for something to cook on, or if you live in rooms at college or just have no real kitchen facilities a small burner and a pan can make a big difference in your life.

A lot of people like to use a burner to cook on the veranda for foods that leave a smell in the kitchen, as they are quick and easy to set up when required. You can also use them when you are entertaining as these burners are usually quite small and don’t take up much space on the table. Great if you want to cook in front of your guests or just use it for keeping a pot of food warm.


The best portable electric burner, at least a single electric burner, is that they are small enough to store in a drawer or cupboard if you don’t want to use them every day. If you are going away somewhere and want a burner to heat up some food they are easy to pack in your bags and not too heavy to carry.

Most of the portable gas burners come in a case or fold up into a carrying case which is handy when you’re in a tent or a camper. They don’t take up too much space to store when you’re traveling and some of the double burners have windshields built in so they work well no matter what the weather.


There’s a burner to suit all occasions, whether it’s a burner for your kids heading off to college or a burner to take camping with you. You can use your normal pans on the gas and electric burners but you will need to check them to see if they’re magnetic if you want to buy an induction burner.

For a simple electric single burner, we recommend the Secura 9100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner, why not head over to Amazon.com and check it out.