Cusimax 1800w Double Hot Plate Review




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Cusimax 1800w Double Hot Plate Review
Cusimax 1800W Double Hot Plate CMHP-C180

Why are you looking for a double hotplate? Is it because you want a portable cooking device for your kitchen or you want a device that you can take away with you on holiday. In this Cusimax 1800w double hot plate review we’ll be looking at 3 different Cusimax 1800w double hot plate countertop burners that are easy to use, easy to store and even easy to carry if you want to use it away from home. Having an electric double burner gives you more options for cooking and you only need a standard electric socket to be able to use it.

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Cusimax 1800W Double Hot Plate Review


Cusimax CMHP-C180
Cusimax CMHP-C180

The Cusimax CMHP-C180 is a double hotplate with cast iron heating plates. The 2 hotplates are different sizes, the largest being 7.4 inches in diameter and the smallest being 6.1 inches. Both hotplates are powered by 900w so they are both capable of being able to boil water if required. You can use any type of pans on this countertop burner, they don’t have to have a magnetic base but if that is all you have they will work just fine.

Both heating elements have their own thermostatic control knob with levels from 0-11 to give you the best control of your cooking. There is also a power light for each plate for safety purposes.

The body of the Cusimax CMHP-C180 is made of stainless-steel making it capable of withstanding continuous use and is easily kept clean by wiping with a damp cloth, the same for the hotplates when they have cooled down.

This double burner can be used as an extra cooking appliance in your kitchen or for use in the garden for parties or barbecues, providing you have access to electric. If you have no kitchen and you’re looking for a cooking option then this can fit in a small space on any countertop. You only need to have enough space to allow the handles of the pans to be accessed safely. You’re not limited to what you cook from heating up a can of soup or frying up your breakfast.

This Cusimax comes with an 18 month warranty so you can be assured of the quality backed by the manufacturer. Why not read our full review here.

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Cusimax 1800w Double Hot Plate Review
Cusimax CMIP-B180

If you’re getting your kitchen refitted and you don’t have a way to cook then a double burner is a the perfect option for you. You can use all your current cookware on a Cusimax CMIP-B180 and it gives you 2 heating elements both of 7.1 inch diameter. The CMIP-B180 is a little bit different from the previous because it is a far-infrared burner with a ceramic cooktop.

Having a ceramic cooking surface means its a perfectly flat surface which is very safe for holding your pans as long as they are flat and not bevelled. With there being no gap between the pan and heating element means it can cook very efficiently with minimal heat loss. The outside body of this Cusimax double burner is made of a black stainless-steel but the heating rings are well marked so you know the correct spot for your pans.

Both of the heating rings are controlled by individual thermostatic knobs which are numbered so that you can adjust the heat to what you need and for safety there is a indicator light for each ring. Infrared heating is used for its high thermal efficiency, getting to the highest heat required quickly. There is also rubber feet on the base to stop unnecessary movement.

You need to be careful after using your double burner as the residual heat in the top can take up to 15 minutes to disperse and make it safe to the touch.

Cusimax also gives an 18 month warranty on this CMIP-B180.

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If you’re working away from home and living in rooms with no kitchen the Cusimax CMIP-C180 is a cheap alternative to be able to do some basic cooking. You can use any type of pan on this cooking suface and if you need to buy some a basic pan and frying pan could get you cooking a proper meal. This double burner is not too large and only needs to be situated near an electric socket to be used.

This appliance offers 2 heating rings of 7.1 inches in diameter so you can use the same size pan on both. The body of this cooker is stainless-steel and offers a clean look with easy clean ceramic rings. The CMIP-C180 uses far-infrared heating so that it can heat up to the required temperature quickly. Both rings are powered by 900w so you have the same heating capability on both and the controls are on the top of the cooker. The control knob offers 3 levels, off, min and max so it might not be so easy to know the exact temperature that you will be using but that kind of accuracy isn’t always required when heating things up.

In terms of safety there are rubber feet to stop the cooker moving when you are using it but you still need to keep it away from the edge and out of reach of children if they are around. The rings can take up to 15 minutes to cool down when you are finished, so don’t leave pans on top of it or try and wipe clean with a damp cloth until it’s cold enough to touch.

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In this Cusimax 1800w double hot plate review we hope we have given you a good enough overview of each of these options to help you choose which will suit you best. All of them work well enough for a kitchen-less home, if you are looking for the cheapest then the cast iron option of the CMHP-C180 will serve you well. If you prefer the infrared ceramic cooktops then you can choose between the other 2 which are very similar and only have a small difference in the price.

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